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Metal Roofing
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Reurink Roofing in Ionia, MI understands how difficult finding a supplier for custom-length steel roofing can be the purchase what you need. Fortunately, metal roofing contractors can trust us with their project supplies.


Our company offers high-quality metal roofing materials at competitive prices and convenient pickup and delivery service. You can pick up your materials on the same day you purchased them. However, we know that many contractors need their materials brought straight to their worksite. At Reurink Roofing, we can deliver your metal roofing materials within days without damage.


We aim to make your project easier with quick and efficient planning, purchasing, production, and delivery so that you can complete your project as conveniently as possible.

Classic 5-Rib Panel

Many contractors view Reurink’s exposed fastener panel as the best investment in metal roofing. This panel comes with colored-coated panels backed by a 40-year warranty. It’s less susceptible to deterioration caused by elements and wind damage compared with traditional roofing products.


Reurink’s exposed fastener is a product that offers low-maintenance and long-lasting beauty, making it a cost-effective option. This option is versatile, and it can be used for a wide range of commercial, residential, and architectural projects.


Reurink’s exposed fastener panel is made using quality material to protect your investment and eliminate maintenance. Here are some benefits of using Reurink’s exposed fastener panel:

  • 29-Gauge Durable Steel
  • Anti-siphon Groove
  • 40-Year Warranty
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Proven Energy Efficient
  • Best Investment

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Snap Lock 16 Panel

If you want a premium metal roofing system, we recommend that you invest in Snap Lock 16 Standing Seam panels. This roofing panel is contemporary and conveniently designed with hidden fasteners on the trim and panels. These design touches give you a stylish, durable metal roof created with beauty and simplicity in mind.


Our standing seam metal roofing panels have sleek lines to combine with their hidden fastener systems, so you don’t need to sacrifice performance to make you metal roof look elegant. We’ve provided some specifications about Snap Lock 16 roofing panels to help you make your decision:

  • 26-Gauge Steel
  • Stylish Fastener-Free Appearance
  • Wind, Fire, and Hail Resistant
  • Installs Over Solid Decking
  • 40-Year Warranty
  • Proven Energy Efficient
  • Exposed/Hidden fasterner
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You Can Trust
Reurink Roofing

Reurink Roofing looks forward to supplying you with all the roofing panels you need to complete your projects. Our team works with you to determine the best metal roofing solution and can advise you on the panels that best fit your specifications. Let us provide you with an exceptional customer experience during your purchase to ensure we’re the only roofing and siding supplier you can turn to for every project.

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